Garden Furniture Trends For 2019

21 June 2019

Garden Furniture Trends For 2019

Garden Trends For 2019

What are the luxury garden furniture pieces you need?

With the summer season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to shop outdoor furniture to enjoy the summer in style. We all spend time making sure our homes interior looks the part but can sometimes forget our outdoor space. If that is the case with you, lets change that this summer! Read on and discover the trends for 2019, directly from our Interior Designers.

Cast Iron Outdoor Furniture

This year will be a change to the norm of the usual rattan styles with cast iron and aluminium on the rise. One of the key benefits of cast iron furniture is the flexibility to create beautiful designs and shapes for such pieces as garden tables, outdoor sofas and pool furniture. The sheer design element for such pieces can instantly transform your garden. Though this trend may seem very traditional, its ability to showcase modern patterns and styling make it a big trend for this year.

cast iron garden furniture at Micasa

A huge benefit of aluminium outdoor furniture is it can be left outdoors throughout the seasons and it will never rot and or rust.

White Outdoor Furniture

The timeless and often majestic white furniture is popping up more and more in gardens across the land. With its sophisticated look, a white addition to any garden space will certainly add glamour and luxury. White furniture brings a sense of calmness and serenity, which means you’ll feel at peace when enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings and when unwinding after a hard day’s work, looking up at the stars.

Priti Varsani, Design Director says of white garden furniture “There is something so lovely about white furniture. It can change a gardens ambiance simply by providing a contrast to the usual colours found in gardens. I’m sure our white garden furniture will be a huge success this year and I can definitely see more people moving towards this trend”

Best outdoor sofa sets

People are finally opting to enjoy the summer time in their garden rather than being sat in front of a television. Although, does sitting outside watching Netflix on a phone or iPad count? Let’s say it does!

garden sofa set Micasa

In years gone by, dining table sets were the number one seller across garden furniture, but recent times have seen a sharp increase in the sales of sofas for gardens and why wouldn’t they? Warmer days demand time spent relaxing outdoors. Sofas are one trend we bank on for 2019. Our sofa solutions are perfect for all occasions, garden sizes and styles.

Outdoor pool furniture to make a splash

Owners of pools now have the option to style the surrounding area like never before, which is why this trend of swimming pool garden furniture is taking shape this year.

swimming pool garden furniture

Decorating the area around a pool can be achieved by adding a modular sofa set, curved sofa set or a dining table set, among other pieces. Invite friends and families to enjoy a dip in the pool whilst offering them a comfortable place to dry off or sit whilst they watch the fun in the pool. If space around the pool is limited, our range of compact pieces are perfect and for those larger areas, we have a wide range of options. Our teams are currently working on the design, installation and finishing of a client’s pool area and have some breath-taking pieces of swimming pool furniture that are sure to enhance the area. Keep an eye out across our social media channels for further updates and photographs.

Classic Rattan Furniture

A garden trend list would not be complete without the inclusion of the timeless Rattan trend. Although this trend has been around for many years, it still and most likely will always remain a popular choice for garden lovers.

Our offering of rattan garden furniture spans from the traditional styles that one would expect to see, to pieces that feature current themes and inspirations. When styled correctly, rattan can exuberate elegance for any garden.

That concludes our list of trends to look out for in 2019. To shop our collection or discuss your garden project contact our team on 01923 827070 or email and together let’s make this a summer of style.

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