The Micasa Internship Programme

10 October 2019

What did our Intern learn?

The Micasa Internship Programme

An Internship at an Interior Design & Architect practice

A challenging but exciting journey

A placement year is a highly rewarding, challenging yet exciting time in any student’s life. The chance to discover how the business world works and the opportunity to get a taste of the future is a chance that many students decide to take. But what of the business who employs a student, why did they decide to offer an Internship? Our reason is very simple, we firmly believe in investing, guiding and encouraging the younger generations and the futures of tomorrow. 

Sharing knowledge with an Intern

Our experienced team of Architects, Designers, Accountants, and Marketers possess so much knowledge, that we as a business encourage our teams to share their knowledge with our Interns, regardless of which area of the business they may be interning in, which is a highly rewarding experience for both parties. 

How an Internship helps businesses

From a business perspective, running an Internship Programme is a fantastic opportunity for us to help close the skills gap for students. Students often find it difficult to seek employment as they have no prior work-related experience but by running an Internship Programme, we can provide this experience to our intern and thus providing them a greater edge in the highly competitive graduate market. Our programme also allows us to learn from the intern, as much as they learn from us, as we are able to tap into the fresh knowledge our interns hold, whether it is relating to cutting-edge strategies, Programmes, techniques or styles in their field of study. The old saying of ‘you never stop learning’ is most certainly true. We have been running an Internship Programme for many years and are proud of the work we can offer a student and are equally proud to see them leave us after a year with new skills, ready to tackle not only their final year but a career in their respective field. 

What an Internship is like for an Intern

We sat down with departing Intern Roshu Shrestha to discuss her time with us, what she learned along this journey, her hopes and ambitions for the future, advice for our newest Intern and her favourite projects she worked on during her time at Micasa.

Roshu, thank you for joining us, how does it feel to have completed a full year of work at Micasa?

“It feels good, it feels like only yesterday was my first day here. It feels like I have learned a lot during my year here and I’m happy to say I have genuinely accomplished a lot, but I have to admit I am also excited to go back to University, but I will really miss this place and the people obviously!”

What are you studying and at what University?

“I’m studying for a BA Hons in Interior Architect & Design at Nottingham Trent University.”

How is Northwood (where we’re based) different to Nottingham?

“It’s not full of students! Northwood is a very residential area, unlike Nottingham which is full of students. I was living in the city centre of Nottingham and it was very crowded with so many things going on, Northwood, on the other hand, is very quiet and peaceful. There is not as much to do here as there was in Nottingham but it’s a lovely area and is very affluent.”

What are some of your fondest memories of this past year?

After a long pause…“I would say the social events that I’ve attended with the team, the Christmas party, colleague birthday drinks, and our Summer Briefing event. I’ve had some great times here having a good laugh in this lovely relaxed atmosphere. Oh, and how can I forget, the random banter I’ve had with Vish!” (Group Director and co-Owner).”

What surprised you about the working environment?

“I guess I never realised how much chasing up there was. I’ve had to chase suppliers, clients and sometimes other colleagues which I never thought I’d be doing before I started. Chasing clients is not as daunting as it sounds, ultimately, we’re working for them so if I have to chase them, it’s only a good sign as it means I have something to show them or get their opinion on. I’m also very surprised at the length of projects, I never realised some projects could take months to complete, I don’t know why but I always thought things got turned around in a few weeks. Before starting at Micasa, I thought the working environment would be very strict and very isolated, but it has been far from it, it has been very relaxed here but that’s not to say it’s been easy, as the saying goes, we work hard and play hard.”

What will you miss about working at Micasa?

“People (she laughs), but no honestly, I’ll miss the people. I’ve made some great friends here and I know I’ll keep in contact with them. I’ll also say, and I’m surprised to say this, the working life and being in a set routine. I’ve actually enjoyed the routine of waking up at a set time and heading to work. I’ll also miss the productive environment I’ve been surrounded with here; it’s been very easy to get my head down and work. I’ll also miss the banter with everyone and especially Vish and his random jokes! The random walks we go on will also be missed.”

Random walks?

“Yep, at lunchtime we literally walk down to the High Street, turn around and come right back. Random right?!”

No comment! Moving on, what skills have you learned this year?

“Drawing skills! I obviously knew how to draw but having to do this at a more advanced level has improved my skills a lot and has given me the experience and knowledge of how drawings are needed in the real world. Communication is an important skill that I feel I’ve learned and improved on. I’ve had to engage with suppliers, clients, and other businesses and a year ago I wouldn’t really know how to handle these conversations but with confidence, I can proudly say now I am very comfortable in this situation and actually enjoy it.”

Any other skills?

“I’d say product knowledge, lighting, and electrical drawings, how to send a formal email too! I’m so used to WhatsApp conversations I think I forgot how to type in the real world. Oh, and how can I forget, AutoCAD! I’ve used this so much this year that I’m at a very good level and hopefully can help other students when I’m back at University if they’re struggling using it.”

What advice would you give to other students who are considering an Internship?

“I would highly recommend it! If you’re thinking of applying for an Internship, do it, it really is the best thing for you and it will not only open your eyes into the real world but will help you prepare for the final year at University as it gives you an insight into the industry. It also makes you appreciate the University life and gives you a glimpse of how life will be once you graduate.”

What has been your favourite project you have worked on during your time at Micasa?

“We have been working on a project in Tenterden Grove, this has been my favourite because I didn’t only work on bathroom designs, I was able to look at the admin side of things and get a better understanding of how the admin side works and what is required. Again, I never realised this side of things so it was very helpful to see this and gain some invaluable experience. I also really enjoyed working on a project in Northwood. These two were very challenging as I had to work on areas I didn’t have much experience in but with the guidance of the team I was able to assist them and learn from them. Seeing all of these projects move from the different stages was very exciting as I could actually see my work and ideas come to life. Each project gave me the chance to utilise a different skillset of mine and develop my new skills further.

How do you think spending a year working at Micasa has changed you?

“A lot! It has made me so much more confident. I’d like to think I’ve matured a lot this year and I feel I have a great insight into the different aspects of design work and how the construction element is fundamentally the most important part.” After another long pause “Also working here has made me more mature as the environment is more professional than anywhere I’ve spent time before, the people are older which means I’ve heard much more civilised conversations than I’m used to hearing. The year spent here has also made me surer of what I want to do in the future in terms of my career. I didn’t realise I would enjoy working on the Interior Architecture projects as much as I did and am really fond of this area now and would like to explore this more. I would also say I can communicate in a much more professional manner than a year ago, that’s for sure!”

What is the biggest take away from your time working at Micasa?

“Organisation is key. I wasn’t good at timekeeping and organising my things but by spending a year working I have improved…a lot! I’m now better prepared for deadlines I’ll face during my last year at University. I’ve come to realise if you don’t have things organised, your life will be a mess and you’ll be all over the place. I also now know how important communication as well as always checking and double-checking your work is.”

What does the future hold for you?

“One day I will be one of the top Interior Designers and run my own company, that’s my plan anyway. Can I plug my Instagram page for my business now?”

Sure thing.

“Follow me at @designs_rs

Advice for the new intern?

“Take it slow and try to understand everything. Do not walk before you can crawl, take your time to learn new things. Don’t ever be shy about asking questions, it really is not a big deal if you do ask for help. Don’t stress out as this will affect your productivity and my last piece of advice is to enjoy the year, it will go by very quick”

Thank you very much Roshu, we will miss you around the office.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, our interview with former Intern Roshu. As mentioned by Roshu herself, an Internship is a great opportunity to learn and hone your skills, but also helps us as we are able to invest in young people and pass on our experiences and advice. If you are considering an Internship at any stage of your studies or career, we would love to hear from you. Please email for further information.

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