Vaishali Mehta, Group Director and co-Owner

Vaishali Mehta

Group Director and co-Owner

Vish Mehta, Group Director and co-Owner

Vish Mehta

Group Director and co-Owner

Priti Varsani, Design Director

Priti Varsani

Design Director

Jas Phull, Director of Architecture

Jas Phull

Director of Architecture

Simran Virdi, Interior Designer

Simran Virdi

Interior Designer

Michelle Toomey, Interior Design Assistant

Michelle Toomey

Interior Design Assistant

Matthew Taylor, Senior Architect

Matthew Taylor

Senior Architect

Paula Egan, Senior Revit Technician

Paula Egan

Senior Revit Technician

Reanne Tan, Interior Architecture Design Manager

Reanne Tan

Interior Architecture Design Manager

William Leung, Interior Architectural Designer

William Leung

Interior Architectural Designer

Tina Casey, Executive Assistant

Tina Casey

Executive Assistant

Sarah Dean, Executive Assistant

Sarah Dean

Executive Assistant

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Praful Patel

Group Financial Controller

Vasile Raulet, Senior Furniture Fitter

Vasile Raulet

Senior Furniture Fitter

Michael Raulet, Furniture Fitter

Michael Raulet

Furniture Fitter

Igor Mororas, Warehouse Coordinator

Igor Mororas

Warehouse Coordinator

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